starting the New Year

So this new year I have 3 resolutions:

1. Stop over thinking – according to friends, I over-think EVERYTHING! Always questioning myself, other people, my motives, work, everything, so I am trying to sot over thinking, and just thinking!

2. Stop pulling random dickheads – In the last year or 2, I’ve pulled a number of guys, and not one of them have I ever seen/followed up with afterwards. It’s started making me feel a little alike I’m only attracting the guys who want ‘one thing’, which, of course, I won’t give them! Now – this is kind of related to the ‘over-thinking of resolution 1, so I won’t describe it too much!)

So – this year, I’m going to make an effort – if I like a guy and I meet him on a night out, I will try and get his number, or maybe ask him to meet up some time, rather than waiting for him to, 2 hours later, drunkenly come on to me (at which point I’m flattered?!)

3. Lose weight. – If 2010 was the year of recovery Jo, and 2011 was the year of the sociable Jo, then 2012 will be the year of the fit Jo (in both senses of the word dammit!!) I am determined to get down to a reasonable size by July – and then keep that size, if not smaller, for the remainder of the year.

This does mean I will be chatting a lot about food, exersize, giving in, drinking and other stuff like that. I may even use this as a bit of a food diary – where photos or updates of my food will be put in, along with exercise updates.

With that in mind, I’ve eaten today:

salt and vinegar crisps

chrunchie bar

tomato noodle stir fry (noodles, chicken, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, onion, spinach)

So this blog won’t be politically stimulating, gossip led or even heavy with strong opinions, it is more a diary of a fairly ordinary 24 year old girl chilling out and hoping to stay fairly happy 🙂


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