Mainstream Music?

OK so recently I have been looking through my music and thinking it is a random mixed bag of stuff.

To give you a brief idea, my itunes was on shuffle yesterday, and the following came on:

  • Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts
  • Josh Groban – To Where you Are
  • Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name
  • Fabtoy Slim – Praise You
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
  • Dr Dre – Still
  • Meatloaf – Dead Ringer for Love
  • Dusty Springfield – I Only wanna be with You

So these are all fairly random when put together, but they are all mainstream songs.

These days, whenever I meet people, and I ask ‘so what kind of music do you like’, I hear alot of names of bands, DJ’s and artists I’ve never heard of, cool, underground bands, DJ’s and artists which make me feel somewhat simple in comparison to some of my favorites, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Tinie Tempah, and even, yes, the odd Britney track.

So this begs me to ask the question ‘why is it so wrong to like mainstream music?’ Or, indeed, anything mainstream? I hear people talk about how so many people are just sheep and just follow the crowd to ‘fit in’. But surely, don’t these so called ‘individuals’ also ‘fit in’ with others like them? For example – ‘hipsters’ as they are known, seem to consider themselves fairly unique and original, yet, how many people do you see walking around wearing wide rimmed black glasses, skinny jeans, Converse, a houndstooth scarf and grungy hair? There are a fair few! Surely – is anyone really, truly original?

Slight sidetrack there from the music theme, but it seems to be these ‘originals’ are the ones who look down their noses at me when I say ‘Ooooh I love a bit of Lady Gaga’. The same people who look as disdainfully at me if I say I like Nero or Pendulum, but cannot name any of their songs before ‘Propane Nightmares’ and ‘Me and You’. I regularly hear the phrase ‘They’ve sold out and gone mainstream’…

Is it just me, or is that a tad ridiculous? If I liked something which wasn’t particularly well known, I’d love it if I started hearing it more on the radio or seeing them doing large gigs. Plus, as far as the artist or band is concerned – why should they lose their hardcore fans just because they are suddenly being played on BBC Radio 1 and making a fair amount more money?!

Although, it could be argued that many fans simply dislike the sound of the music. I can tell that there is a difference in the type of music made by Kings of Leon pre ‘Sex on Fire’, and from ‘Sex on Fire’ – and most people I meet tend to like either ‘Old KoL’ or ‘New KoL’. In this case, I can understand not listening to a band or artist anymore – if you dislike the music they are making – fair enough.

Some may say that when an artist or band ‘goes mainstream’ they are ‘abandoning’ their hardcore fanbase for more money and more fans. To some extent I can see this point, however, if you consider yourself a true fan, and you still like the music they are making, surely you would be pleased for your fave band or artist, rather than abandon them…?

So, I pose the question again – what is so wrong with mainstream music? Why is it deemed so ‘uncool’ to like Nero post mainstream, or N*Dubz, or Britney Spears?


2 thoughts on “Mainstream Music?

  1. I posted this question on Facebook and my friend coined the phrase ‘something which has become cool has become uncool because it has become cool’ – we both agreed – HOW does that make sense!

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