For Topshop and other fashion brands

I think Topshop and perhaps other large fashion brands as well, (but I think this fits Topshop’s audience better than others) should think about something similar to the following:

Anywhoo, I think Topshop could bring Polyvore and Twitter/Facebook/other social media followers etc together to do competitions every now and then – perhaps a ‘SS12 florals’ set competition, or ‘Topshop fierce’ set competition, or maybe just the best set featuring a particular item or range Topshop wants to promote. (eg at the moment, the Spring/Summer Mary Katrantzou collection, a competition around a set where people put together a look using pieces from this collection and other Topshop pieces)

I reckon this might be good for promoting their latest products and new ranges to their target markets online, and will maybe get more people on Polyvore in the process?! (can you tell I’m in marketing!)

They could let the top 10 be decided by members on Polyvore or elsewhere online in some sort of voting system, and then from the top 10, someone high up (And preferably well know who could be shouted about – could even be a different person each time?) within Topshop could judge the top 3 and they get some kind of prize?

I don’t know, perhaps gift vouchers or something, or perhaps a day in oxford st store with an amount they can spend on treatments, makeovers and clothes etc. The competition could be somehow tied in with Topshops chosen charity? I’m not sure how – but people do get behind good causes.

Anyway – it was just an idea I came across this evening whilst on Twitter and creating set in Polyvore as well.

Below I have just done a really quick set of a look I would wear, all Topshop – which might be the type of thing to go into some sort of ‘Rock/Grunge’ themed competition.

What do people think?

Jo out x

For Topshop

Topshop peace sign t shirt, $44
Biker jacket, $118
Topshop super skinny jeans, $76
Leather boots, $150
Rosary beads necklace, $30
Black belt, $44
Topshop black shades, $45
Topshop skinny belt, $36
Lash Catcher Mascara In Black, $20
Lips in Rio Rio, $16
Smudger Brush, $10
Gel Eyeliner Brush, $8


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