The indecisiveness relating to my hair

Ok, so for a number of years now, my hair has been an ever changing guide to my life, prompting me to ask ‘so if my hair was xxx colour or length, then that must have been 2008’ etc.

My family have started to assume that when I spray my hair white on one side to dress up as Cruella De Ville, that I have, yet again, dyed it a different colour.

Just for your interest – here is the ‘Cruella’ look:

Cruella looking pretty damn evil…

With this in mind, I am currently blonde-ish on one side, black on the other, and this weekend I am making the move to a crazy lavender purple on top with a bright pink underneath, along with my standard black on the other side of my head.

I’ve compiled a few photos of my hair styles and colours across the years, let me know which are your faves! I haven’t bothered to work chronologically I’m afraid, apologies!

Mid 2005
Early 2007
Early 2006
Mid 2012
Mid 2008
Mid 2012
Mid 2009
Mid 2012 (My current style)
Late 2009
Mid 2012
Early 2010
Late 2011
Mid 2010
Mid 2011
Early 2011
Mid 2003 (My only natural hair photo!)
Early 2009 (Post break-up)
Mid 2005
Late 2011
Early 2009 (Pre break-up)

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