You can never be too prepared

So I think it is safe to say that, unfortunately, Summer really is over…

As much as I love summer, and all the fun that goes with light evenings, bright days and warmth (yes, even in the British summer, I do still enjoy these things!) however, winter, for me, brings with it layered clothing, great accessories (who doesn’t love a cute scarf or pair of mittens!), snuggling with a hot chocolate (or another person if you are lucky), bonfires, snow, comforting food like mashed potato, gravy, soup, and of course, Christmas!

The British Weather

Hailstorm outside my house - 5 mins previous it had been sunny &warm!
Hailstorm outside my house – 5 mins previous it had been sunny &warm!

Of course, living in Britain it makes it very difficult sometimes to prepare when venturing out of the house, especially in the summer as you never know if it is a flip flip kind or day, or an umbrella and wellies kind of day. Winter – and Autumn, however, have more of a certainty, if you expect every day to be full of both rain and sun, more often than not, you won’t be disappointed, and more importantly, you’ll be prepared.

If you drive…take Mums advice!

I remember what my Mum told me when I was learning to drive – ‘always keep a coat in the boot of your car’ – this piece of advice, unlike other tips given to me by my Mum, is one I listened to, and I cannot tell you how useful a piece of information it has been! I keep 2 coats in my car, one semi smart one (incase I get caught out while working, or out in the evening) and a practical, waterproofed, hooded, pocketed sporty type coat for those days when it is practically sub-zero and you really need warmth.

Being someone who is both forgetful, and randomly social – I often find myself somewhere in the country, visiting a friend, and that realising I don’t have my heels with me, or a decent coat, my eye liner etc etc, the list could go on…

Which is why, if you cared to look in the boot of my car (do so at your own risk!), underneath all the random bits and bobs in there – you would come across a pair of high heels, (well, you never know when you might need some heels!) make up, a rug, a spare iphone charger, cheap jewellery, crisps and chocolate, bits of rubbish, full and empty water bottles etc, you would also find a scarf, gloves and an umbrella. Ready for anything life could throw at me! (Almost…!)

When I’m not in the car

My Mary Poppins bag taking up a large proportion of the photo!
My current Mary Poppins bag mostly covering me in this photo!

Sometimes I will go out with some friends during the day,and find myself in the situation where day has turned into night, and to top it off, it looks like i’ll be staying at one of their places…and I don’t have my car with spare everything in it!

When this is the case, I fall back on the fact that I carry with me one of the largest and most full handbags in the world…not because it is fashionable, but because, with the amount I carry in there, it’s necessary!

As a result of years of huge bag carrying, my shoulders are pretty good at supporting a large amount of stuff, which has come in use from time to time too!

It isn’t ladylike to let someone know what is in your handbag, but I’ll trust you guys not to say anything 😉

In my ‘Mary Poppins’ bag, you’ll find:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, gum
  • Deodorant, body spray and perfume
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Make Up (basics – eye liner, lip gloss, eyebrow stuff, concealer, mascara, black nail polish – can’t be without it) and face wipes
  • Brush, dry shampoo, hair ties and large clip
  • Underwear (tucked away into a plastic bag, in one of the pockets of my bag)
  • 2 pairs of clip-on earrings (don’t have my ears pierced – I know, I’m a wimp!)
  • Pen, pencil and notepad
  • Hair ties and large clip
  • Thin cardigan
  • If I am going out, you’ll also find a pair of flat shoes/heels stuffed in there
  • Purse/wallet, phone, keys

This little lot might seem a tad over the top, it’s true – but I can honestly tell you every one of these items (except the underwear) has been used in the last 10 days.

As we move further into winter, remember, you just don’t know where you might end up, a bar, a restaurant, a friend’s house, the middle of a field (I have found myself at 4am in the middle of a field with friends, snacks (boot of my car again) and music, just chilling out randomly – why not?!) and you don’t want to be left without the essentials!

Looking into my handbag, or the boot of my car, gives a small insight into my occasionally somewhat random life!

Jo out x


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