Winter is coming…brolly good!

As Travis sang, ‘Why does it always rain on me?’ – well, I don’t think it’s because I lied when I was seventeen – Although, this is a possibility!

Splish splash - tis the season...for the UK's fave weather, rain
Splish splash – tis the season…for the UK’s fave weather, rain

It is well and truly autumn now, and before long, winter will be upon us. I personally don’t mind this, as I’m a massive fan of the colder months – even if it means dealing with rain, fog, snow, sleet and general dull weather. You know what you’re getting from winter. Hence why, in a previous post, I talked about being prepared for whatever life can throw at you. During winter, I’d say the one essential, if you are prepared with nothing else, an umbrella, surely, has to be top of the list?

Well, it’s top of mine, anyway! So I found myself umbrella shopping a couple of days ago, and noticed there are a lot of really nice, unusual, pretty, funky, traditional brollies out there. I went on the internet and of course, there are brollies in abundance – so I thought I’d share some the Top 5 of my faves here 🙂

#1. The Queen

Fulton clear walking umbrella - as faved by The Queen - £16.00
Fulton clear walking umbrella – as faved by The Queen – £16.00

Just because it’s Jubilee year, I feel Her Majesty the Queen’s umbrella of choice, should be at the top spot. She does, I feel – rock the clear dome with outfit matching colour. The Daily Mail recently pulled together their favorites of the Queen’s brollies which are made according to colour specification by Fulton Umbrellas – I’ve put a couple below – but do check out their article for lots more 🙂

I love the simplicity of this one – but they do other colours as well.

The Queen rocking a couple of well matched umbrellas here
The Queen rocking a couple of well matched umbrellas here

#2. The Stripe

Accessorize striped umbrella, £12.00
Accessorize striped umbrella, £12.00

This is a style I personally love. I am a big fan of stripes, whether they are in fashion or not, they always a make a staple pattern in my wardrobe. Whether different colours, subtle ombre stipes (gradient from one colour to the next), narrow stripes, vertical, horizontal…there are a plethora of striped designs you could choose from, and I personally could not be more a fan of the simple, monochrome wide stripe look. This Accessorize version encapsulates this ‘Beetlejuice’ style perfectly – and at £12.00, isn’t too badly priced either 🙂

#3. The Romantic

Frilly, black umbrella from Umbrella Heaven - £19.45
Frilly, black umbrella from Umbrella Heaven – £19.45

Being a bit of a romantic goth inspired person, I could not skip past frilled, vintage styles. Perhaps not the most practical, they definitely give that elegant, alternative look. This one comes in various colours, but I am always drawn to black – it’s a little bit gothic, and it goes with everything! Umbrella Heaven supply tons and tons of different styles, for varying prices – to suit almost all budgets.

It isn’t the best looking website in the world, but don’t let that put you off!

#4. The Statement

Bright red Debenhams umbrella - £16.00
Bright red Debenhams umbrella – £16.00

This is the brolly if, like me, you like to make a statement with your outfits and accessories. Any loud colour will do, pick your fave bright colour – red, blue, yellow, green, turquoise, purple, and wear that brightness with pride – why not brighten up the pavement? I’ve picked a plain, bright red collapsible version here, from old high street fave, Debenhams. Throw a mack over your outfit, match your bag, wellies and scarf to this brolly and you are good to go out in that shower!

#5. The Designer

Heals Marimekko Luminarja umbrella - £52.00
Heals Marimekko Luminarja umbrella – £52.00

These types of umbrellas are beautiful, luxurious, quirky, and unfortunately, have the price tag to match. There is the old argument though, that you get what you pay for, and if you pay more, you should get a quality product that lasts for years. This umbrella is a collapsable one by Heals, with a cute design which isn’t too winter-looking – it can be used for spring or summer showers as well as winter. Save up your pennies for this beauty though girls!

So, you have my opinions, I currently have none of these, my current brolly is a standard black collapsible, so maybe I’ll treat myself to a more interesting one? But which type to go for? The Stripe? The Statement? Too many types!

Jo x


2 thoughts on “Winter is coming…brolly good!

  1. You’re missing out on a vital category here – the Colour Changer! Check out Squid London’s range of £25 brollies printed with hydrochromatic ink that changes from white to multicoloured when it gets wet, and dries to white again…

    And my personal favourite, which I have on order from Pia: a clear plastic golf umbrella printed with a leafy sketch for £18, available from December 4th

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