Ask yourself…

Take a moment, right now – whatever you are doing (outside of reading this of course, for the smart-arses of you) to ask yourself, genuinely think about:


Just how lucky you are.


Then remember it. You don’t have to tell anybody why you are lucky, but here’s why I feel lucky – (not in any particular order)

  1. I have good health (I believe)
  2. I have a great family who support me and keep me smiling
  3. My friends are some of the most wonderful people I know
  4. I have never suffered extreme hardship or prejudice
  5. I happen to have been lucky enough to be born into a safe, mostly war free environment

Yes – I’ve led a sheltered life. Yes – this list may appear trite. But sometimes, when horrific things are happening in the world, and I’m complaining of problems with someone I know, or that my computer isn’t working – it is good to just stop and ask that question – ‘How lucky am I?’. This blog post is almost a guilt trip for myself, rather than for anybody else. 

I’d urge you though, to once in a while, think about how lucky you are and maybe – if you are grateful to any one person or people, tell them so.

Love, a very pensive, sentimental and philosophical Jo x


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