My growing love of Pinterest

So, for a while now I’ve been involved in social media, in marketing terms, it would be safe to call me an ‘Early Majority’ within the Rogers Bell Curve of Innovation Adoption. I joined Twitter, Facebook, WordPress etc all a little while after the early adopters and innovators, just as about 10 – 15% of my friends are joining these, that’s often when I’ll get involved – because really, I can’t be bothered to get involved with yet another social network if nobody I know will be there to network with, and if I don’t like the platform.

My Pinterest page
My Pinterest page

So with this in mind, I noticed a few months ago Pinterest really started to kick off as a young player in the major social networking market (for those who aren’t sure, it’s an image sharing website where you can share images you come across over the internet and like with others on the network, or to friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook) – Seeing e-shots come through with ‘how Pinterest can help you with your marketing’ were coming through to my mailbox, I started to see some friends joining and posting regularly, and then I had a reason to join.

I was looking for hair colour ideas. (Which – if you know me, you’ll know that colouring my hair bright and bold colours is a bit of an addiction for me)

Unassuming a task as it is, usually I Google ‘red hair’ or ‘blue ombre’ etc, and Google spat a Pinterest board back at me of ‘hair colours’ – and I started looking through, wanting to click ‘like’, ‘like’, ‘like’.

After a few minutes I found myself looking through other boards this user had, and found I loved looking through the make up ideas, fashion must haves etc of this person. Suddenly, before I realised quite what had happened, I’d created an account and set up a number of boards. Makeup, my style, hair ideas, gothic stuff, it’s a start, but I think I might have the Pinterest bug a little.

I’ve found I’m scouring the net looking for pictures of great hair, artwork, clothing and accessories which I can ‘pin’ to my board and share with others on Pinterest (And – as you’d expect, it links to Facebook and Twitter as well) and so far, I’m loving it!

This platform it seems is growing at a healthy rate, but it remains to be seen, will it truly develop into a juggernaut of a network, to compete with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr?

If you want to have a go for yourself, why not set up an account and just start playing?


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