Braids braids everywhere

So as you may have seen recently, I’ve got into Pinterest and it seems the biggest thing I’m loving about it is the photos of people with amazing hair – it’s given me all kinds of ideas of stuff to do with my own.


For around 2 years now, I’ve had varying shades of red or purple hair. Currently, it is a pink kind of colour, however, the colour on the ends of my hair seem to fade much faster than the top part. Until recently, I’ve been dying it the second the ends are looking vaguely ginger. But now down to photo’s I’ve seen on Pinterest, I’ve decided to leave it a little longer than I would usually, and it now looks like an intended Pink – Orange ombre style 🙂 Unexpected, but I kinda love it!.

Other than amazing colours, I’ve also spotted many a braid in photos, and it’s given me inspiration to try some myself. Currently, the only one I’ve managed to do is the french braid – and it is still very messy at the moment! Excuse the enormously baggy comfy cardigan I’m wearing, it looks a little tent-like I’ll admit!

Below are some images of other braids I really want to try out: (wish me luck!)

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 2.50.37 PM


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