Stop and smell the…Villain?

In March, I needed to update my perfume.

I couldn’t find my usual perfume (Davidoff – cool water) and so had a look around the shelves. It was then that a particular brand caught my eye.

That brand was Ed Hardy. The colourful, tattoo looking, rocky brand which matches the style I wish I had!

Being a ‘semi-goth’ – which, essentially means I wish I was more goth than I actually am, for whatever reason, I’m too much of a wimp to go all out, but I do enjoy the odd gothic twist on fashion or style here or there 🙂

The Ed Hardy website explains about the brand ‘Don Ed Hardy is known as the “godfather of modern tattoo” for his sophistication, depth and sense of experimentation. His style is unique as he has melded American, Japanese, Mexican, Surf and Hotrod iconography into his tattoo design’

And so I had a tester and loved it! Needless to say it ran out in a number of weeks, refilled it, and after running out a second time, I went to buy more, and same across the latest fragrance by Ed Hardy, ‘Villain’.

Even nicer smelling than the original fragrance, this perfume is sweet, without being sickly, and lingers a long time on your skin, meaning you don’t need to put loads on for it to last longer than about 5 minutes.

I absolutely love love love this brand – I’d recommend to anybody who likes a sweet fragrance which isn’t too strong, but lasts a long time, then give it a go 🙂



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