Tea #1 Review – Lapsang Souchong

You may have seen my ‘Around the world in 9 Teas’ blog post last week, where I said I’d spend the next few days trying each one and posting my thoughts about each tea on this blog.

So, without further ado, I give you:

Tea #1 – Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong Tea
Lapsang Souchong Tea

As it says on the box, this is a Chinese tea, to smell, it is quite earthy, and doesn’t smell particularly strong either, but pleasant.

Lapsang Souchong tea in my Minnie Mouse mug
Lapsang Souchong tea in my Minnie Mouse mug

How did I drink it?: This tea can be drank (According to the box) with or without milk. I decided to put a LOT more milk in than I would in a usual cup of tea – thinking that I would have less milk each time I drank it. I also added a sugar as I’m a sugar feind.

Opinion: Smokey. Very Smokey. Like when you go round a museum and there are waxworks, or the taste/ smell of a smoked cheese. Unfortunately I don’t like smokey, I was off to a bad start…

It didn’t get much better, other than the overpowering smokey aroma, the taste was quite bitter, even with the sugar, and the smokey flavour was, unsurprisingly present.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get past the smokey and the bitter and so I really didn’t enjoy this tea 😦 If anyone wants the rest of the box/packet, holla me haha, I certainly won’t be drinking it!

Rating: 3/10

Hopefully tea #2 will have a better review!

Jo x


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