Purple Rain, Purple Rain

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Live to Dye

Today I’m talking about my most recent dye job – the red to purple and pink one.

The Background:

Now – the last time I went purple – it looked great, for about 3 days. The first time I washed it, the colour nearly all came out – see below:

I used Directions dye in Violet (I am normally a firm Manic Panic user, but I was on holiday and there was no Manic Panic to be found) on top of blondey orange (blorange) and after the first wash it went from a lovely purple to this faded browny reddish purple type colour. I was very disappointed.

I then went back to bright bright red and was happy for a few months. I then decided a couple of weeks ago (once my hair had faded to a random pink to orange ombre (surprising, but I kinda liked it!) to try the purple again.

The Idea:

So, this…

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