Tea #2 Review – Jasmine

So, I tried the next of my 9 teas – this was Jasmine. A fragrance I usually associate with body wash, or perhaps perfume, I was intrigued to see how this would translate for a brew.

Tea #2 – Jasmine

Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea

This tea is made by layering green tea leaves with Jasmine leaves – where the scent infuses the tea leaves before they are then used to create the tea.

To smell, this is not dissimilar to pot pourri (perhaps similar to that you might see in your grandma’s living room?) but is pretty pleasant.

Jasmine tea in my Minnie Mouse mug
Jasmine tea in my Minnie Mouse mug

How did I drink it?: This tea should be drank without milk –  so as not to ruin the flowery taste and smell. I added one sugar (that sweet tooth will be the death of me!)

Opinion: Flowery. Pleasant and refreshing, I found this tea a little on the sickly side if I’m honest, the first few sips were lovely, but the more I had, the more I was getting put off by the over flowery taste.

It also had an odd aftertaste which was surprisingly bitter…odd!

So, this tea, I liked it – it won’t be a firm favorite of mine in the future, but i would happily drink it again (perhaps without the additional sugar, and mayyyybe a slice of lemon to combat the overly sweet taste.

Rating: 5.5/10

Better than the Lapsang Souchong review, but not amazing. Will have the next one on Monday or tuesday 🙂

Until then, have a good weekend!

Jo x

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