Personal Shopping

I would love to be a personal shopper, yet alas, for various reasons I am not one. A friend of my family however, Christine, is. She helps women to try and build their wardrobe, their confidence and their style. Looking at colours, shape and personality, she will help develop your very own look to your budget.

Christine Hale Style
Christine Hale Style

She set up this business recently and is trying to get out there and get seen. Many of her competitors aren’t really utilising social media or the interwebby, but she decided she wanted to use these tools to her advantage and really try and build her brand awareness. 

So I helped her. Facebook, Pinterest and a WordPress blog (obviously!) will all give her a place to direct potential customers, share interesting and useful bits and bobs, and to interact with people. Take a look and see what she is getting up to – and let her know what you think – or if you think there’s anything she could do to continue raising her profile! (Twitter is a little beyond her at this current moment in time though!)

Jo 🙂 x


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