Tea #3 Review – Spice Imperial

So, after a hiatus of a good few weeks, my tea blogs have returned!

On to tea number 3. this was Spice Imperial. This box looked so colourful and pretty, it was the first to catch my eye in the Whittards box. Upon giving it a good sniff, I can say, it’s pretty damn perfumed!

Tea #3 – Spice Imperial

Spice Imperial Tea
Spice Imperial Tea

To smell, this could be mistaken for some sort of mulled wine or similar (must be the cinnamon I guess)

Spice Imperial tea in my Minnie Mouse mug :)
Spice Imperial tea in my Minnie Mouse mug 🙂

How did I drink it?: This tea should be drank without milk –  I added one sugar (Demerara) and let it stew for hours before taking the teabag out.

Opinion: Surprisingly nicer than I was expecting actually. I was awaiting a sickly sweet tea which would almost be undrinkable. What my taste buds were actually met with was a refreshing mouthful, sweet to be sure, but not off puttingly so. A little mulled wine-esque, but more vanilla flavoured, this tea was pretty pleasant, not your every day brew of course, but a nice change every now and then.

Rating: 6/10

So this tea was surprisingly nice, the packaging  drew me like a magpie (Such a sucker for marketing!) and the tea itself was pretty nice! As with the Jasmine Tea, it’s one I’d drink again, but certainly won’t be my standard brew!

Until next time, when I’ll have the next review for you all 🙂

Jo x

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