2013 Blue Peter Presenter Search – Jonjo Henry

I know this is another shameless plug, but my friend Jonjo has been working really hard to put this video together (as have I!) as his submission to become the next blue Peter TV presenter.

Now this guy I’ve known for years and years, and I really cannot imagine anyone more perfect for such a role as him, creative, bubbly, friendly, fun – and let’s not forget, smart as hell – Jonjo I feel has many qualities which are important for a kids TV presenter to have.

So – would you possibly mind giving this video a watch (I’d love you forever!) and maybe a thumbs up or a share on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress (whatever your network of choice hehe).

If you’d like to check him out on Twitter – feel free!

Much love, and I hope you like it – we worked very hard on it!

Jo x


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