Travel Plans

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

So – as you may have seen from my £5 Savings Plan blog post, which highlights that I’m planning on going travelling in the next year.

So I’m in the planning stages and as we all know, plans change. And change. And change. I’m now on plan 4 I think, and it looks like there will be two trips taken, rather than doing everything in one trip.

San Francisco
San Francisco

October this year might see me doing a stateside break, visiting friends in New York, North Carolina and California (where I’m doing a bit of a road trip!). For me, this is a really exciting trip as some of these people I haven’t seen in about a decade, so I can’t wait to catch up! This makes sense to split from the rest of my travels as it is a nice, self contained 3 week holiday really, for which I’ll still get paid 🙂

Kerala, India
Kerala, India

In January, me and my best friend Poonam are off on a 4 month Asian Adventure, where we are planning on visiting the Indian Subcontinent for around 6 weeks – 2 months, starting in Nepal, heading through India (Dehli, Agra, Mumbai, Goa, Kerala) and finally into Sri Lanka.

After this we will be heading to South East Asia, where we have no plan. 2 months will be spent in the area, and from what we have been told, it’s best not to bother arranging an ‘itinerary’ for this part of the world, best to get a flight in and a flight out and decide when you are there where to go next and the best way to do it.

Have a look at my map below, and if you think of good stuff for me to do/include in my trip, comment below!

I’ll update soon with my most anticipated highlights of the Asian Adventure 🙂


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