Tea #4 Review – Russian Caravan

Possibly the tea I was most looking forward to trying, I’m now on to Russian Caravan (great name!)

As we know, I pay attention to design and how things look, and this one looked pretty rustic. I wasn’t so sure about the phrase on the box ‘A full bodied tea, a taste of freedom and adventure’…a little on the cheesy side of life for my taste, especially for a brew!

Tea #4 – Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan Tea
Russian Caravan Tea

On giving this a good whiff, it smelled really nice, sweet, but without being overpowering, so I was keen to try it and see how it was…

Russian Caravan tea in my Minnie Mouse mug :)
Russian Caravan tea in my Minnie Mouse mug 🙂

How did I drink it?: This tea can be drank with or without milk –  I had it with a bit more milk than usual (accidental!) and added one sugar.

Opinion: As expected, this tea was sweet, but without being sickly or overpowering. To me, it was a comforter of a tea, and went down a treat with a couple of biscuits. I didn’t find it too dissimilar to my personal favorite tea, Earl Grey – which may be why I liked it so much.

Rating: 8/10

Not sure how ‘Russian’ or not it tasted, but I will say it was pretty nice! This tea so far is a clear winner, and may well be a contender for my all time fave, Earl Grey. The only change I’d make is to have FAR less milk, I like my tea fairly strong and this was too weak for my taste.

Next up, Ceylon or Assam.

Jo x

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