The Case for Kissing

I was discussing with a friend recently the benefits of a really good kiss, and how this art seems to get lost as you grow up (lol who am I kidding, i’ve never grown up!) in favour of kissing’s more grown up and intimate cousin.

It makes me kinda sad when I think that, for a lot of people, kissing has become something almost meaningless, a nice addition to the ‘main course’ of other activity. It got me thinking about how I used to feel as a teenager, the idea of kissing someone would make me nervous, clammy and excited all at the same time – and I won’t lie – this is something that’s never really changed for me.

That anticipation, excitement, occasional disappointment (washing machine mouth anyone) of first kisses – it’s something I think should be replicated more.

So with this in mind, I’m going to get my ‘soap box’ out, get up on it, and put forward the case for kissing.

Because, who doesn’t like a cheeky smooch?

Hugs and kisses 😉


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