The Case for Kissing: 11 Types of Kisses

Part of the ‘The Case for Kissing‘ set of blog posts. 

So, there are tons and tons of different types of kisses, but I’m going to list my favourite ones here (in no particular order) – feel free to add yours in the comments 🙂

The ‘can’t stop giggling’ one

When I get the giggles, I get the giggle, even a good snog doesn’t take them away, but theres something cute about giggling your way through a kiss, it’s fun, it’s funny and it’s darn sweet (As long as it’s not a full on cackle – that’s just weird)

The hesitant ‘do I really want to do this?’ one

A nervous and thoughtful kiss, if followed by an immediate feeling of pleasant surprise and exceitement, then you’re on to a winner. Can be a gamble though…

a58c5c772d7cb408de726f1f0ab06bc5The ‘I must have your lips on mine RIGHT NOW’ one

Crazy, passionate and so urgent it will wait for no-one, this is a purely ‘in the moment’ type kiss – sometimes initiated by one person, often a surprise to the other, this possibly might be regretted later…

imgresThe ‘long goodbye’ one

Often when one person is going away for a while, perhaps on holiday or travelling, or during a long-distance relationship – this bittersweet kiss can be the most awful and most amazing mixture of passion and loss.




The ‘make me feel better, I’m sad’ one

Something sad in your life, you feel miserable, and that other person kisses you, even when you are snotty and tear stained, perhaps even hiccoughing a little, but it’s a welcome distraction, and a tender, caring moment


kiss_mountainsThe ‘Huh? I was talking!’ one

A contender for my top spot of kissing, this is the one where you’re in the middle of speaking, and your words are cut off by a pair of lips – this was my first kiss, and remains to this day a fave of mine. Unexpected and distracting, sometimes you might be in the middle of an argument – you might be angry, but it’s still pretty cool 🙂


images-4The ‘I just can’t stop looking at and kissing you’ one

Often reserved for the ‘honeymoon phase’ of kissing, you feel you’ll never get bored of the other person’s lovely face, and you’ll never get bored of planting kisses all over it – whether they want you to or not.


imgres-4The ‘this is going somewhere amazing’ one

Perhaps you’ve just shared those Three Little Words, or maybe a celebration of an engagement, pregnancy, or maybe just a simple ‘let’s make this Facebook Official’ – this is a hopeful and excited kiss



images-6The ‘this is going somewhere fun’ one

The least innocent of all of these kisses. Need I say more?




imagesThe ‘last first kiss’ one

A mythical kind of kiss, and linked to the ‘this is going somewhere’ one – this is all about true love, soul-mates and a serious amount of Disney style romance



images-7The ‘I do’ one

Ahhh – the wedding kiss. I have yet to experience this one (and the previous one, for that matter), yet it’s one many little girls dream of, from watching Ariel kiss Prince Eric at their wedding (Little Mermaid anyone?) to the awkward decisions around what ‘church tongue’ is (The Wedding Singer – side note: amazing movie!). This is often seen as The Kiss, if you’ve never thought about how you look when you’re a-smoochin’ before, definitely think this through before doing it in front of a congregation of your nearest and dearest!


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