The Case for Kissing: The First Kiss

Part of the ‘The Case for Kissing‘ set of blog posts. 

Your First Ever Kiss

You’re in your teens.

Nervous as hell.

He comes in closer to your face and your heart starts beating about 10 times faster. “Wait! I’ve never kissed any…” As you’re getting over the embarrassment whilst letting that one slip, your words are cut off by a pair of lips. THAT AREN’T YOUR OWN.

Most people can remember their first proper kiss – how old they were, where they were, who the other person was, and how it all went down.

Mine? 15, at a Christmas party, outside a pub, a farm boy called Rich who was 2 or 3 years older than me and Id’ a bit of a thing for, it all went down as I described above – except shortly after the kiss started we were interrupted with a lot of people from the party rushing outside, as one of the young girls had got the wrong idea, telling everyone that “Jo and Richard are doing it!” – a very awkward end to a very nice first kiss, I think you’ll agree!


Snow White and Prince Charming
Snow White and Prince Charming

Most people have an idea beforehand of how a kiss will be, from watching movies (see my previous post on the First Kiss (Part 1) and discussing it with those ‘chosen few’ who have already been there, to snogging your hand (or pillow – from what I’ve heard?)

So did the actual kiss meet the expectation? Well in my case I just remember deconstructing the whole thing ‘where should I put my hands? On his shoulders? On his head? By my sides?’, followed by the very awkward ‘What am I supposed to actually DO with my mouth?!’ thought.

My first kiss was nice. It was unexpected (ish) and I over-thought it the whole time (anyone who knows me will not be surprised by that statement!) but it was ‘respectable’ and it was sweet – well, until everyone came rushing round the corner thinking far more was going on anyway!

It met my expectations to a degree, I felt all girly and giggly afterwards, I had the stomach ‘swoop’ etc, but I’ll never forget how the whole thing was deconstructed in my mind – that I wasn’t expecting!

Now what?

Once it’s over, you immediately wonder when the next one will be, who it will be, and how will it compare?…but in my case, I had to wait another 6 months…until a holiday romance caught me off guard, but that story may be kept for another time…

Until then, hugs and kisses everyone 🙂


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