Experiences with online dating…Part 1

I’ve never been on a date in my life.

I’ve had boyfriends, who have been friends initially and then turned into more as time went on. But as for the ‘dating scene’ – it’s something I’ve never done.

ImageDon’t get me wrong, I’m not after a relationship. Big, serious love is not really on my agenda right now, but neither is casual, late night liaisons.

However, my social life kinda revolves around meeting people out and about in town on evenings out. Unfortunately in my experience meeting someone in a pub, bar or club really is not the ideal place if you don’t want a casual session with them. Which I don’t. I’ve put a rule in place that unless I see sober interest (a message the next day or similar) from somebody, they aren’t that worth my efforts beside ‘drunk friends’ on nights out.

So when a friend (who has been using dating sites to meet girls for a while now and loves the social aspect) recently challenged me to give online dating a go because ‘Jo – you’d love it! You love nothing more that chatting to random people about all sorts of things, and that’s basically all it is, chatting to people’.

He isn’t wrong, it’s rare I go out of an evening and don’t end up chatting to someone I’ve never met before about something random. 

So, from this conversation he then wrote me a profile for My Single Friend, but it turns out you have to PAY to use features like messaging people, so I decided to put his words on to free website Plenty Of Fish – which went like this:

“I could use words like boisterous, fun-loving, honest and loyal to describe Jo, but that would discredit all the other traits that I am sure you will discover without my help. 

Jo is truly unique, a character, a barfly with a lust for life. Above all Jo is adaptable in any situation, from speaking to the old man in the pub to the girl who has been sitting on her own.

She will always fit in – and is the type of girl that will get on with your nan, your sister or your blokey mates.

She does, I warn you, have a filthy sense of humour but is by no means the type of girl that will jump in bed with you. You have to earn that right! 

Her interests include live music, Game of Thrones, Dr Who and anything a bit fantasy or geeky, earl grey tea, crazy hair colours, reading, rugby, theatre, travelling and alternative clothes shopping.

Above all Jo loves meeting new people and hopes to find someone with similar core values to her.”

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Experiences with online dating…Part 1

      1. Yes it is, I suffer from approach anxiety at times so I am less likely to approach a woman that isn’t just giving off the vibe I’m super nice lol.

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