The Female Friendzone

As a bit of an internet slave, I spend a lot of time on various sites looking at memes and funny comments on social media. There is a large area of this type of comedy devoted to ‘The Friendzone’.

Now, The Friendzone is all about a person being seen as a friend, rather than potential ‘relationship material’ or ‘casual shag material’. Pop culture would have you believe that the friendzone is always a place reserved for guys who inhabit this mythical land known as The Friendzone – where women in their lives have deigned them worthy of friendship, but nothing more

Here are a few examples of these types of memes:

It annoys me that it seems to be girls always being the ones letting guys down, is it really the girl’s fault if she isn’t attracted to her friend? Well – it doesn’t just work that way around – the female friend zone really does exist…I myself have been ‘friendzoned’ more times than I possibly can count. And I think I know why.

Being a loud and boisterous person, I have always got on very well with guys, having ‘banter’ and a filthy personality, along with an ability to have little shame in retelling stories which would embarrass most girls unfortunately means guys love me…as a mate. (That’s a British mate – not a partner, a friend, a buddy)

Eponine, from Les Miserables - the most friendzoned girl in pop culture
Eponine, from Les Miserables – the most friendzoned girl in pop culture

I’m the one sat in the pub with a pint checking out a ‘fit bird’ with my male mates – but who also puts makeup on before I go to the pub, some dangly earrings and a pair of heels. To look at me you might not think ‘ladette’ but my personality gives me away a little (minus when you know about my teddy bear called Barry and that I love a cuddly night in as much as the next girl).

And so, more times than I can recall, I hear the words ‘you’re a great girl, but I see you as more of a friend, or like a sister, and I wouldn’t want to hurt you as I care about you loads’

If that’s not a friendzone moment, I don’t know what is (unless it’s the guys who knows you like him coming to ask you the best way to ask a chick he knows out on a date – and yes, this has happened before)

So boys, remember next time you make a friendzone meme or bitch about it, that there are girls out there going through the exact same thing, and who knows, maybe you’ve even done it yourself once or twice without even realising it?

J x


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