On being an extravert

I have had this discussion with a couple of friends of mine recently, and as it happens, I just came across this list on Buzzfeed – it describes my life as an extrovert a little too perfectly hahaha.

So, I’ve copied the text across, but not the gifs – if you want to see the original post (which is funny as hell), here’s the link

Extroverts and Introverts
Extroverts and Introverts

25 Frustrating Things About Being an Extrovert

1. Having a weekend night off, but no one is available to hang out. (When I have friends who work in bars, this happens all the time 😦 )
2. Being upset and needing to talk it out with at least three different people. (Very true – I need to ‘run it by them to see if I’m crazy, in the wrong etc, or sometimes just for agreement)
3. When new friends think you’re “too clingy” because you’re initiating all of the hangouts.
4. Blurting out your thoughts on something before they’re necessarily fully formed. (‘I disagree with that statement, but I don’t know why or how to say it yet!!!’)
5. When you come home and want to just drink wine and talk about your day with someone, but your roommate isn’t willing to hang out.
6. Feeling like you should have more shame or sense of embarrassment than you do, because you don’t mind being the center of attention. (I get this, ALL THE TIME – people look at me, shocked that I have said something so…so…..!)
7. People thinking you’re “needy” when you’re just trying to recharge by connecting with someone.
8. When everyone talks about how all they want to do is stay home and be on Tumblr and marathon Netflix, and you’re just like: “really? REALLY?”
9. Dealing with unexpected alone time.
10. Sensing that you’re talking too much in meetings. (Yep – EVERY time at work!)
11. …or talking too much at work or in class in general, because it’s second hand nature to you.
12. When the cashier at the grocery store is like: ‘Stop talking to me about your life!’
13. Because once you get going, sometimes you can’t stop.
14. When everyone near you at work is wearing headphones and you just want to chat.
15. Talking with your hands all the time. Maybe even TOO much.
16. Feeling more comfortable working with a large group than working by yourself.
17. Having those “OH MY GOD I NEED TO BE AROUND PEOPLE” days…
18. …but on the flip side, people expect you to ALWAYS be the life of the party.
19. You want to do yoga or meditate, but the thought of being silent for that long seems exhausting.
20. Being home alone.
21. Making your introvert friend semi-uncomfortable with all of your talking.
22. Being labeled “too intense.”
23. Feeling like you’re burning out from socialising constantly, but also feeling like you can’t stop. (All the time. ALL. THE. TIME “Yeah I’m just staying in, I NEED to chill out! Oh – you’re going to the pub? I’ll be there in 10!” Times like this I hate myself haha)
24. Wondering if your voice is too loud.
25. Feeling stereotyped as shallow or unintellectual because you’re not an introvert. (This featured heavily in my recent discussions – where people seem to prefer the introvert and the extrovert isn’t taken seriously. Ps – I do, infact love reading and learning about things, as well having as a geeky side)

I’d like to say I think people can easily be a bit of both, intro-and-extraverts, as I mentioned earlier, I completely am all of these things above, but at times I love nothing more than sitting for a couple of hours with a great book, or losing myself for a day in a TV show, or spending a whole evening on wikipedia reading about various ancient cultures or mythology. I guess the extrovert in me comes out after that 2 hour book session or wiki-evening, where all I want to do is head to the pub, a restaurant, my friend’s house, the street – ANYWHERE there are people haha.

Where you do think you fall on the intro-extro scale?


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