Some useful travel tips I’ve picked up

As y’all may know, I’m off on an Asian adventure for 4 months in January (Flights are all booked now, so it’s DEFINITELY happening!!!) – What? Me? Nervous?….

…Ok just a little bit!

So, naturally I’ve been obsessed with reading about others’ experiences travelling both in general and specific to the areas I’m heading to, and I thought I’d start compiling a list of useful tips I’ve come across so far. If you have any more for me, let me know!

  1. If you forget your phone charger, don’t go out and buy a new one. Go to your hotel’s front desk and ask if they have one for your type of phone.
  2. Aquafine or Kingfisher water in India – check the bottle top

  3. Take a light scarf with you – it can be used as a cover-up for modesty in sensitive venues (such as temples) as well as an accessory to brighten up an outfit
  4. Rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing
  5. Put your phone in a cup for instant speakers
  6. Put things in your bra. (I’m very sued to doing this – having gone through uni never using a bag on nights out and not having pockets in dresses) – Things like spare cash, a credit card, keycards for hotels, and if there’s enough room, my phone (an IPhone 5 just fits without looking weird!)
  7. To keep your clothes smelling fresh, pop a dryer sheet in your suitcase
  8. To avoid tangling, thread a straw with your delicate necklaces
  9. I.D. – keep your driver’s license handy. There are times such as on the trains where you may be asked for I.D. With your passport tucked away, it’s handy to have a driver’s license available
  10. Ear plugs – I’d forgotten how much I HATE snoring until I came across this tip – especially when staying in hostels with lots of other people sharing the same room…yay…
  11. You will never wear that second dressy outfit, so stop packing it. Most trips, you won’t even wear the first dressy outfit (but you should still pack that one).

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