The List…oh the list

I’m going away to Asia for 4 months at the start of January (less than 5 weeks away…eeeek!)

I have a list of everything I need to do, pack or buy before I go…and I’m not gonna lie, it’s had me a little flustered the last couple of weeks!

This list has about 150 things in it, ranging from ‘remember to pack 20 pairs of underwear’ to ‘write a 10,000 word assignment’

I have the list of jobs of things I need to do or finish before I go, such as this assignment, pulling my CV together etc, a list of things I need to remember to pack, such as clothes, iphone charger etc, and the list of stuff I need to fo for travel before I go, such as making sure all my visas are sorted, my insurance is place, my accommodation is booked etc.

It’s a beautiful list, all colour-coordinated and everything, with dates of when each thing needs to be completed by.

I would share it with you, but I think it might be a bit much!

So – pulling together my packing list, it feels like i’m trying to get everything and the kitchen sink in, so

ahh the joys of packing...
ahh the joys of packing…

I was wondering, what travel essentials are genuine ESSENTIALS – what could you not live without?


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