Jungle Magazine – local fashion, art and music

So this is a little bit of a plug for a good friend of mine who has been working tirelessly over the last few months.

Jungle fashion, art and music magazine
Jungle fashion, art and music magazine

A talented fashion photographer and designer, Ali Foroughi has now set his mind to, and accomplished the first ever issue of an online magazine based around the fashion, art and music of the good people in our local town, Lougborough.

Without sounding like a proud mother hen – I loved this first issue, both interesting and insightful, beautiful as it is bold, Jungle looks set to be a really interesting read, not just for those who know the local area and the people featured in it, but for anyone who has an interest in fresh talent, upcoming fashion trends and something a little bit different when it comes to art and music.

It goes without saying that I think Ali and his fab team have done a fantastic job, so I would urge you to go and give it a flick through (Here’s the link all ready for you :D) – and if you are feeling particularly friendly, drop by the Facebook or Twitter pages and let Ali and his team know what you think (after only 1 issue I’m sure you can imagine they’re a little nervous, so any nice or constructive comments I’m sure would be appreciated!)

Ali Foroughi - Editor In Chief, Jungle Magazine
Ali Foroughi – Editor In Chief, Jungle Magazine

Oh – and here’s the link to the Jungle website where you can send any submissions if you are interested in being featured in the magazine, or if you just want to take a look through other content 🙂

To Ali and the team – Great Job you guys, I’ll be checking in to see how Jungle Magazine continues to grow!


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