Travel Blog: Awaiting our flight to Nepal

Written – 6th Jan, Heathrow, T4, Gate 7, 8pm

waitin' at the gate
waitin’ at the gate

Sat at the gate a-waitin’ my flight with the phone plugged into a wall and me sat on the floor next to it. The almost teary goodbyes happened over 2 hours ago and I just can’t quite believe it’s January the bloody 6th already…Swear it was only Christmas yesterday or something? (don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy about this, it’s just seemed so long away for so long I can’t quite believe how it’s got here so fast!)

Didn’t get everything done I wanted to, but I think I got the important stuff done in the end!

Packing seemed to take about a year all on it’s own of course…going for a 45+lL bag and trying to put too many clothes in it, in retrospect, always gonna take up a lot of time – the 7th pair of leggings may have been a step too far…?

So Poonam has nipped outside for a last bit of air and seeing something other than the inside of an airport or plane, and I’m having a moment to read the note left behind in my book from the boyfriend, and thinking how much I’ll miss him and everyone else back home (cue grossed-out comments all round – quite right too)

After nearly 2 years of planning, it’s finally here, The Great Travel itself, and as Poonam said to me on leaving the family this evening ‘It’s really here Harry!’

Poonam just got back. Plane boarding now, guess I’d better get my phone out the wall and get up…


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