Travelling – 60 things I did for the first time ever

The tan may be fading, but the memories aren’t…

So, during the 4 months I was away travelling through Asia I obviously had the most fantastic time (although, I didn’t meet anyone having a consistently BAD time travelling to be fair!), and now I’m back in ‘the real world’ – I thought it would be a nice thing to keep a bit of a record of some of the things I did whilst away.

The following list is not a list of EVERYTHING I did, but is a list of the things I did for the FIRST time in my life. Some of it is a little tame, such as eating certain foods, and some is a little more adventurous, but I won’t give you any examples – take a look at the list below for yourself 🙂

  1. Rode on a motorbike
  2. Sat in a hammock
  3. Went into a temple
  4. Had a shower in a waterfall
  5. Was genuinely scared for my safety from people
  6. Went to a full moon party
  7. Drank Chai
  8. Watched a water buffalo saunter by
  9. Visited a floating market
  10. Used a bum gun
  11. Watched water puppets
  12. Had my name called out at an airport over the pa system
  13. Watched a ping pong show
  14. Had a massage
  15. Danced in a drum circle at sunset on the beach
  16. Stared at the stars in their new places
  17. Swam in a lake (and stubbed my toe on a rock)
  18. Had a bucket of alcohol
  19. Was punched by a Cambodian man
  20. Took part in/ was the subject of a fire dance
  21. Swam at night (bonus – with light up plankton)
  22. Slept on a bed bus
  23. Had a swarm of fish around my face
  24. Eaten dragon fruit and lychee
  25. Went to a strip club (gogo bar)
  26. Flown alone
  27. Seen a natural wonder – Halong Bay
  28. Watched the sunrise – over Mt Everest no less
  29. Had a Hindu blessing
  30. Joined an aerobics dance party in a public park
  31. Jumped off a boat into the sea
  32. Held a snake
  33. Camped on a beach
  34. Was offered cocaine, cannabis and a tuktuk ride…all by the same tuk tuk driver
  35. Had a soy milk and a chat with a couple of monks in a temple
  36. Stopped using suncream (and didn’t get burned)
  37. Bartered (and got ripped off!)
  38. Cuddled a tiger
  39. Ate pig foot
  40. Distracted someone getting a tattoo
  41. Rode, swam with, fed and washed elephants
  42. Bought a football
  43. Chatted with a ladyboy
  44. Seen a human goddess – The Hindu child Goddess Kumari
  45. Completely ran out of money
  46. Rode in a tuktuk
  47. Had my toenails painted
  48. Stayed with a Vietnamese family (and made local spring rolls with them)
  49. Had a butterfly land on me
  50. Did yoga with an Indian Sadhu (Baba)
  51. Kept a fire going through the evening
  52. Drove a scooter
  53. Joined in Buddhist prayers
  54. Was on a bus in front of someone who shat themselves
  55. Witnessed something truly horrific in the animal world
  56. Missed the UK
  57. Had an item of clothing made for me
  58. Joined the biggest water fight festival in the world
  59. Went backpacking around Asia.
  60. Went backpacking full stop.

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