On to the next phase then…

So today marks one month since I got back from my 4 month trip around Asia. I can’t quite believe how quickly both the travel itself and this last month have gone – I’m sure New Years’ was only about 6 weeks ago…and that first day, being at the airport on the way to Nepal…sometimes that feels like last week…other times about 2 years ago!

So now comes that time to get on with things – the next phase. The plan has been to move to London for a while now, and then I decided about 2 years ago that I wanted to go and do the travel thing. Those who have read/followed this blog will have seen that I had an absolute blast, which is amazing, and I am so, so glad I did it.

Travel thing ticked off the list, now it’s the London thing to get sorted.

Whilst getting somewhat readjusted to ‘real’ life (luckily I was offered work at my old place on a freelance basis which has really helped), I’ve spent time developing my CV and my LinkedIn profile to get them both ready to start applying (not to mention doing my London living financial research as well – although I knew it would be expensive, yowsah…is about all I can say!). On top of that I’ve bookmarked a few jobs I’ve seen posted in various online recruitment websites.

This week – it’s all about the scary bit – the actual APPLYING bit…

And the getting nervous and waiting for an email or a phone call, or dreading a resounding silence, from each one. Of course, I’m really hoping it’s closer the the former than the latter!

So there’s the update of the moment, not much else to say for now, so – do wish me luck (pretty please with a cherry on top?), and hopefully my next update will have some encouraging news 🙂

Oh – and if anyone knows any B2C companies in London looking to hire in their marketing department, do be a legend and let me know!

Ta Ta for now, Jo Out x


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