So I watched ‘Frozen’ the other day…

I kinda see what everyone is talking about.


I really really liked this movie. No – this isn’t going to be a review. I don’t really ‘do’ reviews – and plenty of others on the interwebs have done, we don’t need me to add to that!

What I found interesting was a conversation me and the boyfriend had about the movie a week or so after we watched it.

His view: ‘it’s nothing compared to the Disney classics’

My view: ‘it’s up there with some of the best, but not quite THE Best’.

To clear it up – THE Best – obviously can only be one movie. And if you disagree then I feel sorry for you. There is something clearly wrong with you 😛 Orrrrr maybe you’re just entitled to your opinion and I shouldn’t judge if The Lion King isn’t your favourite Disney movie of all time…

So, that cleared up, where do I feel ‘Frozen’ stands among the greats? I’ll admit I’ve not seen all the classics from my childhood years (never seen The Fox and the Hound, nor Lady and the Tramp – I know, shoot me right?), however, those I have seen in general I’ve loved. But what I’m not sure about when it comes to the Most Successful Animated Movie Of All Time (incase you didn’t know – that’s ‘Frozen’, I hear my boyfriend’s opinion as well as others of our generation, and I can’t help but wonder if they are actually right…or if they are being massively nostalgic.

The Lion King
The Lion King

I tried to argue this ‘devils advocate’ point to him, but he was having none of it, everything from the music (sounds too much like Disney TV ‘Hannah Montana’ type), the storyline and the ‘not as good as Pixar’ animation was put under scrutiny. (that’s not to say he didn’t like the film, but mostly that to him, it just didn’t measure up)

In contrast, I really enjoyed this movie, and agree with the general view that it really is one of the greats and deserves that spot. I was really pleased that Disney pointed the finger at themselves and switched up the old ‘fairytale ending’ – as I’d found myself rolling my eyes along with some of the characters when certain elements of the plot unfolded, as was pleasantly surprised when the movie ended the way it did – though I must’ve been the only person in the world NOT to realise the movie was about Girl Power with a capital G!

I’m a firm believer in the ‘if you like it as a kid you’ll always like it’ motto of movies and TV, and the same goes for it’s opposite, almost everything I never watched as a kid – I really don’t like and don’t get having watched them as an adult. I’ve met many people who don’t like Star Wars for example, and when I ask ‘did you ever watch it as a kid?’ the answer usually is no. The same goes with me and The Muppets, Gremlins, The Goonies etc. It’s interesting.

So of course I never watched Frozen as a kid, and I generally can’t stand recent kids type TV shows and movies, yet I really, really liked this movie, and felt a little like a kid watching it (despite the off feminist in me rolling my eyes as mentioned before) and finding myself as with many others, humming along to either the infamous ‘Let it Go’ or the cute/sad’Do Ya Wanna Build A Snowman’ for a few hours afterwards.

So I think my boyfriend is having a ‘nostalgia moment’ where he can’t see anything to be as good as those he loved as a kid himself which he holds in such high esteem. But then I have to question myself. I think I might be doing the same thing…?

I really liked this movie, and although I would (controversially) say that I like it as much as I like almost every Disney movie from my 90’s ‘classic’ genre.

ALMOST every Disney movie. All those save The Lion King.

What do you think? Am I being nostalgic, or…do I genuinely prefer The Lion King?

And what did you think about Frozen compared to some of the epics?


One thought on “So I watched ‘Frozen’ the other day…

  1. Great post Jo. I could probably write an essay in response to this but I’ll try to keep it short!
    When you have kids you are forced to watch kids films on repeat. It speaks to the quality of Frozen that I’m not sick of it yet. Even the classics from our childhood get annoying fast (Aladdin… grrr)
    It’s important to note that a lot of the Classic Disney actually predates our childhoods by some time (Jungle Book ’67, Robin Hood ’73 etc.), but we grew up with them and so pass them on in turn.
    Also, I don’t think Picardy have done a good story since The Incredibles (Toy Story 3 excepted). Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up are all good character driven films, but again it might be nostalgia for ‘classic’ Pixar.
    Finally, I should disclose my favourite Disney movie from our childhood is Mulan, so maybe my opinions aren’t worth all that much…

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