So I met Cersei Lannister…London Film Comic Con 2014

I went to Comic Con yesterday in London and it was my first ever Comic Con and it was so cool!

From the moment we got there, cosplay guessing became the name of the game – although the boyfriend might’ve been a liiiittle better than me at guessing a lot!

Little girl with Star Wars sandmen
Little girl with Star Wars sandmen

The first we saw were a bunch of Sandmen from Star Wars – there was a super brave little girl (rocking an ace lilac tutu skirt I might add) who was busy making friends with the sandmen – and good on her! (The Sith is strong with that one methinks…oh dear).

So, after the lonnnng queue with some cool Jokers, Sandmen, Game Of Thrones and various other cosplayers breaking up the queuing monotony, we finally got our tickets and got in to the show.

So the first thing we saw was a great big dragon skull, pretty exciting I must say – before heading over to a section where we could work out timings for the day…and it went like this:

  • Star Trek Talk
  • Doctor Who Talk
  • Boyfriend’s photo with Terri Farrell (Star Trek)
  • My photo with Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones, Sarah Connor Chronicles, various other)
  • Wander around

The Star Trek talk was pretty funny (no I’m not a Star Trek fan) with the two actors on the stage bantering about their lack of knowledge of each other and swapping stories of getting into the industry.


After getting out of this talk, it was time to queue up (again) for the Doctor Who one – where there were two doctors present – Colin Baker and Paul McGann, along with a couple of costumed actresses from the show (yep – a weeping angel, not quite so scary in real life though!). Half an hour of giggles and good-natured ribbing of the future doctors to those appearing, and I was grinning like a schoolgirl at having seeing 2 of the 12 actors to have played one of my favourite TV characters ever 🙂

After this it was time to queue up for Terri from Star Trek – the boyfriend was pretty excited, and came out grinning form ear to ear – apparently she’d been really friendly and chatty, not something  you often get at these sort of photo opportunities apparently.

We had a bit of time to explore all the merchandise exhibited at the show, from T-Shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere (the boyfriend’s favourite shop, if anyone ever wants to get him a gift P), to Pop figures from, well – everywhere, free book stalls, amazing art prints, clothing (normal and cosplay), prop replicas, and of course – comics – this show pretty much had something for the geek in everyone 🙂

Peter Petrelli!
Peter Petrelli!

Whilst we wandered around, we checked out who was on the autograph stands, getting sneaky photos in where we could, it was cool to see the likes of The Doctor (well, 2 of them), Hodor, Renly Baratheon, Peter Petrelli, R2D2, Sabretooth, Drusilla and soooo many others just sat there, chatting away!

Then it was my chance to get my photo with the Queen Regent herself, Cersei Lannister (Baratheon?). After about 45 minutes of queuing…yay more queuing…I was smoothing my hair down and adjusting my jewellery, just around the corner from  the camera and Lena.

Me and Lena Headey - Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones
Me and Lena Headey – Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

There was a cool vibe in the photo area, with printers set up in the middle of this makeshift room, a backdrop screen, a few members of staff milling around, some cool music playing, and Lena posing with people one by one.

My god that woman is tiny in real life – I was going to say that, but decided against it, because – well, obviously I’m too cool to say something like that….mostly…sort of?

Up I went and she grabbed me into a side hug, pulled her pose, said ‘thanks!’ and then I was collecting my photo if the moment – over in a flash!

So – in real life, I didn’t get a chance to speak with her, but I could see she was a pretty warm and welcoming personality, hugging everyone, posing in silly positions and pulling some great faces – not afraid to be a bit silly, so I think it’s fair to say I’m a fan haha.

Bane cosplay
Bane cosplay

Some more wandering around and checking out more of the cosplayers, and about 5pm and I was flagging…home time I think, so off we hopped (but not before snapping an awesome pic of a pretty good bane cosplayer), on to the tube, back to the car and home – to put the photo on Instagram immediately of course 🙂

Just a shame I now have to wait another 10 months or therabouts to see her again…in Thrones as Cersei…Le Sigh.

Great day though – so much fun. Now to think about cosplay ideas for the next one…hmmm…


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