Dear Diary…The Hill Valley Fair and Dance!

Dear Diary, so I might’ve told you about the dreamy Henry Kowalczyk askin’ me to be his date for the Hill Valley Fair and the Enchantment Under The Sea dance after!? It’s this Saturday, and I hear it’s being organised by a company called Secret Cinema (I never heard of them before, I wonder if they got something to do with the new movie theatre in town?).

Well I’m super excited o’ course, and one of the girls at work told me there’ll be rides – which is kinda scary ’cause I never been on one of those big wheel thingies before – Henry’d better look after me or else my father’ll be very angry with him!

10570366_10152225834711053_5176207063431771635_nWell now I’m thinkin’ ’bout what to wear, I have just the CUTEST black and white dress with a circle skirt, and I could pair it with some purple pumps and a purple cardigan I have lyin’ ’round…but I’m not sure – I hear it’s really hot in California, London this time of year, and Henry’s not wearin’ his jacket (how scandalous! All the girls at work will be so jealous I’ve been asked by such a modern kinda guy!)

And then I hope Henry will pay for everythin’, but you know how these modern guys are, beleivin’ they should pay half and their girl should pay half, so I ‘spose I should really take some bucks with me – just in case, y’know?

Lorraine was sayin’ she’s goin’ with George McFly, which I thought was kinda weird, I mean he ain’t exactly Marlon Brando – know what I mean diary? Oh well, wouldn’t it be funny if they kiss at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, and it started a courtship between them! Hehe, and then they have kids! They could call the boy Marty after that dreamboat who was in the town square the other day…now he’s the kinda guy my father would like for me…

Anyway, I best go work out how to do my hair – I do hope Henry likes it!

All my love Diary,



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