On being a bit of an ‘ideas person’

So this is something I struggle with.

Mostly from a work perspective, I just can’t help myself. But I guess it comes hand in hand with being a marketing professional. Maybe.

If the boyfriend is talking about his work and I see an opportunity where his company can maximise on something he’s told me. Can I leave it be though and stay schtum? Of course not! ‘You should get your web guys to look at that slider on the home page – it could work so much better for you with more call to action’, ‘You could do a video blog on that – that’s really interesting!’, ‘You could run an event and invite bloggers!’, ‘Your social media guys should get involved in Instagram and Pinterest more, it’s right up your industry’s alley!’…it goes on…

And it’s not just with the boyfriend, it’s with friends, it’s with friends’ mums, it’s with the charity my brother plays in an annual tournament for, it’s even the fudge stall on my local market…’Oh you really should make sure your web guy is using best practise to get you found in Google!’

It’s not because I want to get ALL THE WORK, or anything like that, it’s more that I see an opportunity, or I know what I would do in their situation, or I just have an idea that they MUST USE! And I tell you what, it’s not half sad when they politely and nicely decline to use your brilliant idea…sniffle…

It’s great for clients, I throw ideas out, if they like them we research them, we plan them and we do them, and hopefully they work out great!

But for the boyfriend, friends, friends parents, that random charity, that poor fudge lady?

Yeah…maybe not so much.

How can I try to just keep schtum a little?! Or even should I?

Who else has this issue? I know a couple of friends who do, and a relative or two – but what about you guys?


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