Thoughts on being firmly within the ‘late 20’s’ age bracket

Differences between my early to mid-20’s and my current life as 27 year old…

  1. The social life ain’t what it was – spontaneity is like a forgotten relative I rarely see, replaced with weeks of planning, just for a trip to Alton Towers or a night out in a city I don’t actually live in
  2. People with ‘grown up’ hobbies popping up all over the place – I’m talking about crafts people, gardeners and mother and baby club people
  3. Activities go from ‘nights out’ to ‘let’s go for coffee or to the park with the kids’
  4. People having opinions about your relationships go into overdrive – ‘so do you think you’ll get married?’ is something I’ve heard more than once about my 15-month old relationship…
  5. ‘Kids’ are not people who are 22, in their first or second jobs and who seem to ‘own’ the local club or bar
  6. People moving abroad becomes a thing, in the last 3 years, I’ve known people move to Dubai, Spain, Thailand, Australia, Canada and Italy…making me wonder if I should think about doing similar!
  7. Facebook. Suddenly bombarding me with ads for nappies, suggesting articles about wedding planning, friends posting their baby’s face as their profile picture – and even those few friends who are now sharing their ‘little xxx on her first day of school!’…what happened to the crazy drunken night-out photos and ads for restaurants and fashion?
  8. My focus on clothing seems to have gone from ‘it has to be form-fitting and slightly gothic’ to ‘is it comfy and semi-flattering and cheap’…
  9. Occasionally the slight panic of ‘oh good God, I’m already near 30 and I still don’t have my shit together’ – mostly around the big milestones – I can’t even decide if I want to move to London for a couple of years and move back here, or if I want to stay there forever…it seems like I SHOULD have a plan, but I really don’t…
  10. Saving money. I went travelling last year, and that was 2 years’ worth of saving, which was great as I had something exciting to save for, now it’s saving for car insurance, or the fence which needs replacing, or a deposit on a rental flat in London…


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