Favourite places in England

Firstly, let me just say that, If I had been to other places with the UK a little more – I would have made this a UK-based blog, but as I haven’t, it is an England one. If/when I have explored more of the other nations within our country, I will include them too 🙂

So. After my travelling last year – which I’m sure is getting a little old for many to hear about, I got to thinking about some of my favourite places in the world, and I found myself asking ‘but what about my favourite places at home?’. Hence, this list was born.

Top places I love:

London – Camden in particular, Carnaby Street & Soho second


Although almost all of the capital I find stunning, beautiful, captivating; it’s Camden I feel most content. Even though many would tell you ‘it’s become so touristy in the last few years’ – it’s still got a lot of magic, in particular it’s stables market and the twists and turns you can take; spotting some old tat here, some geek memorabilia there, a goth, a hippy, a hipster, a preppy – all in the same place.

Even it if’s just to grab some epic street food (I’d recommend the Roti Kind for their epic Indian wraps in naan) from the market and to people-watch by the canal.



I spent 3 fantastic years in this beautiful city, exploring it’s historic side (Canterbury Cathedral anybody?) as well as it’s more modern side (Whitefriars shopping centre, for example) and it’s natural side – such as punting along the canal.

A stunning place to visit for a day, a week or a lifetime in my opinion – though I may be biased… 🙂

Bradgate Park in Leicestershire

Bradgate Park

Another one I’m biased for. Being from Leicestershire, I grew up a few short miles from this country park. I remember school trips to see the Tudor ruins, later school trips to go ‘cross country running’ (mostly a couple of us having a pleasant wander amongst the deer and the peacocks and a cuppa whilst the others ran) and plenty of recent times just visiting, taking in the natural beauty of the place whilst imagining what it must have been like, being Lady Jane Grey 500+ years ago here – Queen of England for 9 days, who grew up here at Bradgate Park.

Cornwall – in particular Tintagel, Lizard Point and perhaps Padstow coming in second and third here)


Sleepy Cornwall – that which comes alive in the summer with groups of teens and twentysomethings heading to the beaches for the well-known surfing waves. But my all-time favourite place in Cornwall has to be Tintagel, legendary home of King Authur, and now ruins overlooking the sea atop these stunning cliffs. Explore the cliffs (safely, mind – there are no fences or barriers along the edges!), wander along the beach and find all the nooks and crannys smugglers must have used in the caves centuries ago. A fascinating place, for sure!

The Lake District

Lake District

Now, I came here as a teenager, and as a teenager I found it ‘boring’. Which as an adult I chastise myself for, as it’s such a beautiful place! All manner of outdoor activities can be undertaken in these beautiful surroundings – imagine a long weekend, think kayaking and sailing on Lake Windermere, hiking the hills and seeing those breathtaking views, quaint country villages with friendly people and a fantastic cream tea. Not a bad spot eh?

The next post will be about those places (still in England for now) that I plan on visiting or spending more time in. So do have a read when it’s up!

What are your favourite spots in England?


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