Top 10 things I really should do in London

So I’ve wanted to live here for years, and now I do!

Living in London is great, but you know what, there’s so much I’ve never done here, so here’s my London bucket list, what would you add or change?

  1. Explore King Henry 8th’s Hampton Court palace (maybe go ice skating?)Hampton court palace
  2. Watch Simba be triumphant at The Lion King at the West EndTheLionKing
  3. Check out the largest Hindu and Buddhist temples in the UKHindu temple london
  4. Wander around Buckingham PalaceThe Royal Collection © 2002, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Photo: Derry Moore
  5. See the mummies at the British MuseumMummies at the British museum
  6. Nave a nosey around Tower of London and the crown jewelsTower of London
  7. Get my goth on at Highgate Cemeteryhighgate cemetery
  8. Wimbledon. ‘nuf said.wimbledon
  9. Marvel at and learn more about the history of St PaulsSt Pauls
  10. Watch London go by on a boat on Regent’s CanalRegents canal

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