5 reasons travelling alone is the best

1. You get to go where you want

Seriously, whether you wanna go visit a local festival or the local McDonald’s – you can do anything and everything your heart desires! (Budget and time-constraint dependant of course!)

2. You get to talk to and hang out with who you want

This is a biggie, for me I found that when I was travelling with people, it could be tough if they really enjoyed spending time with people I wasn’t that keen on, and vice versa. On your own you can spend as much time as you like with the people you like, and less time with those you are’t sure about.

3. You get to eat what and where you want

If you want a pizza when you’re in India, go for it! Every person has different views on eating in other countries – some believe you should eat as the locals do, others say a good mix is great, others tick to a bag of crisps or a warmed up hot pocket. Also, budget can cause issues, if you’re with someone with a very different budget to you, this can cause issues with where you pick to eat (a $1 meal in Cambodia is often quite different to a $20, for example!). So you do you and eat whatever you fancy!

4. You don’t feel guilty for doing nothing

I had a few days when I was pretty pooped. And I didn’t fancy getting up at the crack of dawn to watch a sunset, or having a full sightseeing day. Some days I just wanted to sit in a common room, on a beach, in my bunk or in a cafe with my tablet or a book and just read or watch some TV. It’s great to go off and do cool things all the time, but sometimes it’s fantastic to just do nothing, and if you’re with other people this can be difficult if they want to get up and go and you don’t fancy it – I’ve had this guilt before!

5. You meet people far easier

It’s true. People like talking to the person on their own more than the couple of people or a group. It’s easier to say ‘I’m on my own, mind if I join you on that bike ride tomorrow?’ – and people are usually more than happy! Some of my best travel friends I met that way.

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