Bucket list – where next?

In no particular order, these are some of the places I really, really would like to visit over the coming years…just need to save up now!

Maybe some of it I could do in one trip to save on more airfare costs from multiple trips?

  1. Join in the Holi festival in India (and to eat ALL the Indian food)
  2. Wander through the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico (and to eat ALL the Mexican food!)
  3. The amazing hills in Sapa, Vietnam
  4. Northern lights really had to be on this list of course, Iceland baby!
  5. The hazy temples at Bagan in Myanmar
  6. Check out the Haggia Sophia and eat ALL the hummus in Turkey
  7. Visit the art scene (and friends I know) in San Francisco
  8. Explore the ancient culture in Egypt (and apparently in the Sudan it’s pretty awesome too)
  9. Get my religion on at the Vatican in Rome (no I’m not religious, but I do love learning about it!)
  10. Holiday among the animals, scenery and people in Keyna

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