Where did Goodywinks come from?

My made up face when I attended a Full Moon Party in Thailand
My made up face when I attended a Full Moon Party in Thailand

Howdy, I’m Jo and I’m a marketer living in London – I set up this blog in 2011 initially as a fashion-based blog, but it’s since developed into a more travel-focussed kinda thing.

When I was 9 years old, at school with my best friend, she randomly coined the term ‘goodywinks’ – rather than using my first name (Jo) or my second name (Goodwin) to refer to me.

Well it stuck in my mind as an alternative name – back in the day it was often my MSN name, it became my LiveJournal name, and today it’s what I go by on Twitter, Instagram and here, on my blog. I like that it has over a 20-year history of being used, and it all was started by one of my favourite people in the world 🙂

So – about this blog of mine, generally I have 3 main areas I talk about a lot, which include:


I spent 4 months backpacking around South and South East Asia in 2014, and this gave me some of the most epic times of my life. A fair amount of nostalgic blog posting does happen as well as making the most of holidays on my blog as well.

Bright Hair.

Since my early twenties, I’ve been dying my hair all kinds of colours, in all sorts of ways, from half red, half black – to a pink/purple/blue ombre, and all sorts in-between.


As someone who loves spending time with people, one of my favourite ways to spend time is catching up with old friends, current friends or new friends, and I like to chat about various people issues – some good, some bad.

So browse around, and if you feel like it, follow me on Twitter or Instagram 🙂

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  1. Beautiful blog. Goodywinks, you got a new fan. Seriously, I had a wonderful time reading your blog posts. It is vibrant and full of personality. You have some pretty interesting categories 😉 Loved reading about your journey especially the ones in Nepal and India. I would really appreciate if you could check my blog http://myjourneythroughindia.wordpress.com and let me know if you like it.

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