5 reasons travelling alone is the best

1. You get to go where you want Seriously, whether you wanna go visit a local festival or the local McDonald's - you can do anything and everything your heart desires! (Budget and time-constraint dependant of course!) 2. You get to talk to and hang out with who you want This is a biggie, for me … Continue reading 5 reasons travelling alone is the best

Top 10 things I really should do in London

So I've wanted to live here for years, and now I do! Living in London is great, but you know what, there's so much I've never done here, so here's my London bucket list, what would you add or change? Explore King Henry 8th's Hampton Court palace (maybe go ice skating?) Watch Simba be triumphant … Continue reading Top 10 things I really should do in London

Favourite photos of sunsets

As with many travellers, sunset is a time to sit and ponder the beauty all around, bathed in a warm glow, whilst the heat of the day has lessened slightly. So here are my favourite photos from my trip in Asia, and a couple from my recent holiday in Croatia thrown in for good measure. … Continue reading Favourite photos of sunsets

One of the 2 buildings Baba cafe had

Top Five places I stayed in Asia

I travelled 8 countries in 4 months, and these were the top 5 places I stayed and why. All had free wifi in the communal areas and in some of the dorms - always good to know! Some did food, some didn't.  Mad Monkey - Siem Reap, Kampot, Koh Rong Samloem, Phnom Penh, Cambodia This … Continue reading Top Five places I stayed in Asia

Croatia: Sun, Sea, Sailing

Day 2 - Waking up and off we go! After our first rather idyllic day chilling in the marina and our lovely evening in Dubrovnik, we woke on our boat, Anastacia, and it was time to head off into the ocean blue! A quick catch up with our lovely lead crew - Toby, Hayley and … Continue reading Croatia: Sun, Sea, Sailing

How To Make Friends in a Hostel

If you are traveling alone or with others, it's likely that you will, at some point, become friendly with others along the way. For some, this is easy, for others - particularly at the start of a trip - not so much. So here are some tips you can use to help 'break the ice' … Continue reading How To Make Friends in a Hostel

Croatia: All the Sailin’ Ladies

So I recently went sailing with 6 other ladies. Six. Ladies. On a boat. For a week. aaaaaaand go. I'd never been sailing before, so this was a new adventure for me. And I'd always been pretty desperate to go to Croatia - ever since half my life ago when an old teacher of mine told … Continue reading Croatia: All the Sailin’ Ladies

Favourite places in England

Firstly, let me just say that, If I had been to other places with the UK a little more - I would have made this a UK-based blog, but as I haven't, it is an England one. If/when I have explored more of the other nations within our country, I will include them too 🙂 … Continue reading Favourite places in England

Full Moon and Half Moon parties - nothing quite like it!

Things I wish I’d known before…Backpacking/Travel Tips

After having done my blog post all about temples earlier this week, I got thinking about things I wish I'd done more of (or less of!) during my trip - which turned into a list of sorts - so I thought I may as well share it. I think if you are off on holiday, … Continue reading Things I wish I’d known before…Backpacking/Travel Tips

Top 10 temples from my Asian Adventure

It appears I've not blogged for a very long time - apologies for that...! I found myself reminiscing (again...) about my travelling, and found myself (as I do) thinking about all of the different religious sites I saw, and how different they were to each other - even within the same country and religion. So … Continue reading Top 10 temples from my Asian Adventure