Ali Foroughi - Editor In Chief, Jungle Magazine

Jungle Magazine – local fashion, art and music

So this is a little bit of a plug for a good friend of mine who has been working tirelessly over the last few months. A talented fashion photographer and designer, Ali Foroughi has now set his mind to, and accomplished the first ever issue of an online magazine based around the fashion, art and … Continue reading Jungle Magazine – local fashion, art and music

Personal Shopping

I would love to be a personal shopper, yet alas, for various reasons I am not one. A friend of my family however, Christine, is. She helps women to try and build their wardrobe, their confidence and their style. Looking at colours, shape and personality, she will help develop your very own look to your … Continue reading Personal Shopping

Fashion blog awards – shameless plug for a friend :)

My lovely friend @Missanniebean of Tales of Annie Bean fame has been nominated for an award to win a trip to london Fashion week. I am a massive fan of her blog, and as such, here I am, plugging for her 😀 - well, what else are friends for - if not shameless plugging and … Continue reading Fashion blog awards – shameless plug for a friend 🙂

Style vs Fashion

Tea Treats So, I was recently having a tea date with my lovely friend Annie Bean and we were discussing London Fashion Week, which she was lucky enough to attend - and if you are interested about it - you definitely should check out her blog posts about the event (including the gorgeous Minnie Mouse themed … Continue reading Style vs Fashion

Daily Outfit – 25th April

So, as of today I will now be adding a photo per day of whatever I am wearing..sounds dubious, and works in theory-especially when in the office on a lunch break when there is somebody there to take a photo for me. However, What about those days when at home or if I change in … Continue reading Daily Outfit – 25th April