Top 10 things I really should do in London

So I've wanted to live here for years, and now I do! Living in London is great, but you know what, there's so much I've never done here, so here's my London bucket list, what would you add or change? Explore King Henry 8th's Hampton Court palace (maybe go ice skating?) Watch Simba be triumphant … Continue reading Top 10 things I really should do in London


Favourite places in England

Firstly, let me just say that, If I had been to other places with the UK a little more - I would have made this a UK-based blog, but as I haven't, it is an England one. If/when I have explored more of the other nations within our country, I will include them too 🙂 … Continue reading Favourite places in England

On to the next phase then…

So today marks one month since I got back from my 4 month trip around Asia. I can't quite believe how quickly both the travel itself and this last month have gone - I'm sure New Years' was only about 6 weeks ago...and that first day, being at the airport on the way to Nepal...sometimes … Continue reading On to the next phase then…