Koh Phi Phi, Thailand: A day at sea and on stunning beaches (The Beach beach anyone?), and we hopped back on our boat to to go and do some night-swimming in the ocean. But before that, this dramatic sunset happened. It's not half bad, eh?

Favourite photos of sunsets

As with many travellers, sunset is a time to sit and ponder the beauty all around, bathed in a warm glow, whilst the heat of the day has lessened slightly. So here are my favourite photos from my trip in Asia, and a couple from my recent holiday in Croatia thrown in for good measure. … Continue reading Favourite photos of sunsets

The Kiss: Spontaneity in it’s truest form

V-J Day. Times Square. 14th August 1945. Taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt. A moment in history, and one many across the world have seen, possibly a number of times. This may well be one of my favourite photographs ever. The photographer said he saw a flash of white and flicked his camera around and snapped this … Continue reading The Kiss: Spontaneity in it’s truest form