Using Estate Agents in Costa del Sol, Spain

My Mum has set up her own blog here on WordPress and is writing about her experiences in buying a property and living in Spain – its a very new blog and she’s getting used to it, but if you’re interested in living abroad, the processes of buying a house, or generally in Spain or travel, go and give it a read from time to time. Here’s a great post she wrote about dealing with estate agents in Spain – a little different to how we do it here in the UK haha!

Casa Goodwin

Using Estate Agents in Costa del Sol, Spain

I have spent the last few months planning to buy a place in Spain, this blog covers some thoughts about using estate agents in Spain and especially the Costa del Sol, which anyone looking to buy a place in Spain may find useful.

We started to look online and visit estate agents. Estate agents work differently in Spain compared to what I had experienced as a property owner for the last 30 years in the UK.  Agents in Spain all have access to the same properties once they are promoted online. As a consequence, many do not want to promote properties online so they can keep them uniquely available to themselves.

Also, we found that many properties promoted online were actually not available – having been sold months before. It appears that estate agents try to keep as many properties on their portfolio…

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